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About Us

                                                                      Troy Fischer Silverworks Inc. was founded in 1997, by owners                                                                                  Troy & Tara Fischer, to help preserve our western way of life.                                                                                              Designs are inspired by the life we live, our ranching background,                                                                                    our two daughters, and a life on the rodeo trail.  Troy is an 8 – time                                                                                  CFR Team Roping Qualifier and a past Canadian Champion Header.                                                                                Tara was raised in the Colorado foothills and brings an American                                                                                      influence to this Canadian based company. Their daughters, Bryce                                                                                  and Branna have been brought up with ranching and rodeo in their                                                                                blood and an appreciation for the cowboy lifestyle.


                                                                              Each piece is designed exclusively for each customer’s needs and                                                                                    price range, and we pride ourselves on working directly with you                                                                                      (our customer) to ensure you are getting a unique, quality product                                                                                    you will be proud to wear, or give away at your next event.  Each piece is then handcrafted, one at a time, the same way they were made 100 years ago.  This method gives each Troy Fischer Silverworks piece a feeling of authenticity and rawness that adds to the overall beauty of the piece.


We work non-stop to keep up with the latest trends and styles, and strive for a combination of fun, youthful styles with traditional values.  So whether you are at home on the ranch, at a world class rodeo or western event or out on the town we can create a piece for you.  Troy Fischer Silverworks has produced pieces for music stars, professional athletes, political leaders, and many wanting their next family heirloom.  We look forward to working with you on your next project.  Give us a call; we would be honored to design something for you.


Troy Fischer Silverworks is located in ranching country near Mayerthorpe, Alberta Canada.  It is owned and operated by Troy & Tara Fischer and their daughters Bryce & Branna.  We are proud to do our part in keeping the Western Traditions alive and well.

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